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HOV UK Launch Event Highlights

On the 7th March 2024, 50+ leaders and residents of the House of Visionaries attended the launch event, in one of the coolest London spots!

The Launch Event


Date: 7th March 2024   location: MORTIMER HOUSE, London, wT1 3jh



Event Agenda


  • What will TA & HR look like in 2035?
  • How to build a future ready TA function?
  • Hot topics panel: AI vs People




  • 50+ HR and TA leaders in attendance!
  • 90 seconds even with no distractions or noise to think visionary is hard!
  • 300+ notes from the ‘What will TA & HR look like in 2035?’ workshop. The starting basis for our co-created future focussed report.
  • Building agile functions and flexible teams to cope with demand.
  • 100% of attendees in the room voted team people instead of AI when it comes to TA & HR functions.



Workshop: What will TA & HR look like in 2035?

To kick start the workshop, the audience were asked to take part in an exercise, blindfolds on, sit for 90 seconds and think about what the future could look like in the next 10 years.

90 seconds, even with no distractions to think visionary is hard!!

So that was the focus for the workshop!

Using a Janus Cone framework, we first looked back 10 years into the past, before touching on the here and now, to help us transport into thinking about the future.

Aaron Event

How to build a future ready TA function

It’s been a wild ride for the last few years! How can flexible power support future ready TA functions?

Ben Rutter, Co founder and Managing Director @ Bond spoke with Jamie Green @ Williams Racing and Aaron Beider @ Vertical Aerospace about their experiences and how they are designing a future-ready model.

They have represented some of the biggest brands from Meta, Asos, TikTok, Dyson; in some of the worlds biggest TA functions.

They were generous in sharing their learnings and insights from these and current experiences.

Jamie: “Those ‘oh shit’ moments you haven’t planned for demand and thinking how do we plug this gap!”

Aaron: “The future is uncertain, but when you’re trying to build an aircraft that doesn’t exist yet, it’s a little bit more uncertain. Trying to plan, shape and build your team with that uncertainty is really, really difficult.”

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Hot topics: AI vs People?

Lauren Peake DeepTech practice leader @ Bond hosted a panel with 3 thoughtful and inspiring panel members:

Oli Urpi, Head of Talent Acquisition @ GKN Automotive

Lucy Pidgeon, Talent Acquisition Lead @ Vodafone

Oliver Davies, Head of Talent @ Taboola

Lauren framed the panel as a battle for supremacy between AI and People and asked probing Qs around what is likely a future truth and what is just hype.

As mentioned by Oliver, “the introduction of AI and automation into our people and TA teams isn’t necessarily going to displace people, but there is an opportunity cost to those that don’t embrace AI and start utilizing it to enhance what we do in our day-to-day roles”

AI will allow us to spend more time working on high value areas and use automation to focus on repeatable elements that are time-consuming.

Lucy, on the subject of impact on TA professionals said “yes their are aspects of their jobs that will reduce in terms of time, but rather than being ‘OK great i’ll cut 10 members from my team’ what else can they be doing? How can we get them super focussed on value add?”

Oli Urpi on the subject of AI / automation said “I think we are talking about 2 different things, but they are being used interchangeably, and that’s a mistake. A lot of the talk, from a HR/TA perspective, when people talk about AI, I see automation. For me that’s not AI, that’s not intelligent”

There was plenty of audience participation but the general sentiment was  “I believe it’s very much AI & people”

100% of the 50 leaders in the room voted team people vs AI!

A full and rich release of the panel is available for house residents of the.

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