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Evolution of AI in TA

AI is the buzzword trend that's not going anywhere anytime soon! But we need to learn to embrace and harness its power to successfully use AI in TA.
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The evolution of AI in TA


Ben Rutter @ Bond Global and Aaron Beider @ Vertical Aerospace discuss the impact of AI in the world of TA!



AI is the Buzzword


AI is the buzzword and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! We need to learn to embrace and harness the power of AI.


However, we need to approach with caution:


1. Currently AI hasn’t advanced enough in the TA sector to be adopting it on mass… it will… but we are not quite there yet!


2. It’s important to be able to cut through the noise and figure out how AI is going to fundamentally improve  TA function and what is just Hype that will be counterproductive.

When testing AI, ask yourself the following: AI is often easier, but is it better?

To adopt AI, it needs to be easier and better for it to truly make a systemic impact on TA.


3. The Evolution of AI could just cause just as many issues as it solves.


Below is an evolution of AI graphic:


Green = Mass adoption of AI


Red = Top of the funnel breaks


Purple = Personalised content: voice and video



Today: Personalised/bespoke reach outs and personalised candidate journey/experience.


Step 1: We go all in on AI. Positives are, that we can automate actions/processes which then release our time to be more strategic = win.


Step 2: The top of funnel could break. The sheer volume of automated spam hitting people means companies can’t cut through to those to engage people.


Step 3: We have to send hyper-personalised content for example the use of video & voice notes to show it’s a real person. Ironically this will take more time than the time we saved in the first place adopting AI.


This evolution could take 1 or 2 years, it could take 10+ years, or it may never happen!


But don’t walk into the AI revolution blind:


THINK about what tech you are adopting and why.


THINK about how those tech choices may impact your talent funnel and have tests and measures in place to navigate them if it happens.


Let’s be excited about AI, lets embrace it with open arms, but make sure we don’t underestimate the challenges that it will also throw up if you sleep walk into it.



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