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HOV Quality of Hire Event Highlights

On the 13th June 2024, 20+ leaders and residents of the House of Visionaries attended a micro event to tackle "Quality of Hire"!

Quality of Hire Event


Date: 13th June 2024   location: Williams Racing Experience Centre, Oxford, OX12 0DQ



Event Agenda


  • Workshop #1: Building our MVP process flow
  • Quality of Hire: Panel discussion
  • Workshop #2: How to track QOH


Workshop: What does a MVP for QOH look like?



Designing the perfect quality of hire framework, from workforce audits through onboarding and retention is challenging it itself. The length of the lead time for implementation doesn’t typically survive significant organizational change either.

So that was the focus for the workshop!

Residents discussed and designed a more manageable MVP model for quality of hire.

Panel: Quality of Hire



Lauren Peake DeepTech practice leader @ Bond hosted a panel with 4 thoughtful and inspiring panel members:

  • James Hawkes – Director, Global Talent Acquisition @ Expedia Group
  • Cheryl White – Global Head of Talent Acquisition @ Bolt
  • Josh Maddison – People & Culture Director @Vertical Aerospace
  • Kate Berry – Global Head of HR @ Rotork


Lauren framed the panel as a meaty subject and probed around panellists lived experiences of implementing this across their careers. The energetic and honest conversation touched on some interesting spaces.


1) Cheryl talked about an “Environment of Excellence”

This creates a flywheel effect. An environment of excellence becomes a magnet for other brilliant people and that ultimately drives business success, that leads to further pull effects.


2) Josh shared some of the pitfalls of “brilliant jerks”

They may define the technological prowess of the business but can impact the culture with equal magnitude. He also shared where he though QOH supported “Building a self sustaining business” “sustainable model”. Do you want to build a 100 year business? Or do you want to build a very profitable 2 years business?


3) Kate shared her experience of the “secret sauce”

The most successful attempts had all started by being able to clearly articulate what is the definition of quality for that business. She also felt that a business strategy that was 1) credible and 2) exciting was the key platform for engagement and a sense of being on the same mission.


4) James spoke passionately about ensuring there was a clear “north star”

A crystal clear north star eg in F1 that would be “everything is about making the car faster” under which a QOH can underpin. He also shared if there was just one thing that ensured quality, its was employee engagement. Focusing on that 1 measure alone drives out high performance and high quality of behaviours.

Workshop: If you had up to 5 data points what would you track?



Notoriously tricky to measure “quality” as such a subjective concept.

Our residents wrestled with what to track, how to track it and considered how to ensure that would be enduring within the business over time. Both our people and the company landscapes evolve adding complexity to the framework.

We discussed some really interesting concepts around starting with describing a “bad quality” hire / employee and working back from that.

Amongst a few different designs the following came out strongly:
– Regrettable leavers / attrition
– Time to effectiveness
– Time to progression
– Employee engagement

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