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“We reached out to Bond with a specific opportunity: we needed to increase our UK headcount from 12 to 50 and the clock had started ticking. We could have developed an in-house talent function but this would have required 3-4 months depending on notice periods, using one quarter of our available time. Further, our senior executives had a lot on their plate and needed an “out of the box solution”. Bond was able to step in quickly and start performing from day one. The two embedded talent partners integrated seamlessly into our team and it’s easy to forget that Bond is behind the scenes (in the best possible way!). If you’re on a mission and you need results yesterday I would highly recommend Bond.”


Adam Taylor


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Biotech embedded recruitment

How embedded talent works.

Our flexible subscription model gives you instant access to your own in house talent team. We can add firepower to your existing team, or build capability from scratch.

BioTech talent

  • We have a truly global insight into where the best BioTech talent is and what makes them tick.

    We map global BioTech ecosystems in detail to make sure we know exactly where to find the best talent.

  • Once we have mapped the BioTech ecosystems its time to engage them. Most people think recruitment is about move people in to new jobs.

    @bond we try and move peoples hearts and minds.

    We use tried and tested headhunting methodology that engages your target ecosystems to bring them into the recruitment process.

    We are also early adopters of creative headhunting utilising platforms like Google Scholar, GitHub or Discord to engage in targeted bespoke headhunting.

  • Think sophisticated robotics for life saving surgery, vertical farming for food sustainability and precision medicine tailored to your genetic make up.

    Imagine a future, where we can eliminate life threatening genetic diseases with individualised treatments or where we can grow enough food for the planet in smart farms reducing deforestation.

    We are so excited by what’s possible in BioTech and that’s why we’re excited to partner with an awesome selection of companies genuinely making the world a better place.

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