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Hiring carbon capture talent – Top 5 North American locations

Inflation Reduction Act bill paves way for further boom in US CleanTech. Hiring carbon capture talent to realise the potential will be a challenge.
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Inflation Reduction Act bill paves way for further boom in US CleanTech


US CleanTech has been bolstered by the $369 billion investment as a consequence of the recent Inflation Reduction Act bill. According to CNBC, the bill provides $27 billion for a clean energy accelerator to support technologies which reduce emissions, with an additional $2 billion to support energy research in government labs. This is on top of more accessible clean energy tax credits and extending them by 10 years.

This will further fan the war for awesome talent to bring clean energy solutions to market.

From the latest LinkedIn data, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago are where the action is most fierce. Some 400 live roles with only 3k professionals working in those cities today.

Here are the top 5 hidden gem locations where hiring demand is not so competitive


Top 5 North American hidden gems for Carbon Capture talent

(LinkedIn, November 2022)


1) Calgary

With nearly 700 professionals in this location and relatively few job openings, this is our number one hidden gem. It’s gigatonne carbon capture projects that often get the headlines. However, Calgary-based start-up Carbinix are doubling down on the concept of “clean” and turning CO2 emissions into soap.


2) Washington DC

Home to 500 talents alongside the Carbon Business Council. The group of more than 40 companies have set up shop in the nation’s capital in an effort to give smaller CDR start-ups leverage over the policies that could control their fate.


3) Denver

The 250+ potential candidates will have heard about a first of it’s kind project in Colorado that will bury 350,000 tons of CO2, from the corn-ethanol production process. With tax credits of up to $85 per ton removed and stored underground, it’s easy to see why these collaborations are sprouting up.


4) Los Angeles

The largest city in California will be key to achieving aggressive CO2 reduction plans, including carbon neutrality by 2045, recently announced by the state. Governor Gavin Newsom is seeking to work with the Legislature to enshrine carbon neutrality into state law. The 200+ carbon capture professionals today will expect demand for their skills to rise rapidly in this location.


5) Pittsburg

Is where you find another 200+ professionals and relatively few job openings. The inaugural Global Clean Energy Action Forum hosted here brought together 30 countries to hyper-focus on reaping the rewards of a clean energy market that will exceed $23 trillion by the end of this decade. Talent was of course a primary sub-theme within the forum agenda.


Partners we’ve Embedded with


Check out our case studies working with Brilliant Planet, Origen, and Carbon Clean

Brilliant Planet – The Power of Algae

Brilliant planet have an algae farm production facility on the coastal desert of Morocco, however, they will be scaling up the business all over the world. Once all areas are fully developed, they could sequester 2 billion tonnes of CO2/year.

Bond has been on this exciting early-scale journey taking them from a team of 12 to a 45-strong team of Biological, Marine Scientists and Engineers.

CC plant 2
Carbon Clean – Net Zero Tech at a Gigatonne scale

Bond started working with Carbon Clean in June 2022 to support their growth plans. After working with an external recruitment provider and having no applicant tracking system (ATS) in place, Carbon Clean were keen to implement a system which would improve visibility to track applications through the process to hit their growth targets.

In the first 3 months, the Bond team successfully implemented an ATS that helped to reduce time to offer from 135 days to 26 days: a significant 80% improvement!

Origen – The Atmosphere Restored

Origen are on a mission to scale up the production of zero-carbon lime. Origen’s ZerCaL™ technology enables a pathway to suck over a trillion tonnes of CO2 emissions directly from the atmosphere. Of course, they need to scale up the team too, which is where Bond has stepped in.

Our consultancy model in an engineering start-up has laid the foundations for growth. Heads of R&D and Engineering with a very specific technical background and the ability to inspire others are hard to come by. Using our headhunting capability, we have sourced the pillar hires for Origen. Cultural fit is imperative for Origen at this stage. We have created the standard operating procedure, and process to hire the next wave into 2023.

Carbon capture, storage and utilisation at a gigatonne scale requires niche talent. We get it.