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Nuclear Fusion talent – Top 5 North American locations

Any visionary goal needs talent and the latest LinkedIn data suggests there are some 4k professionals across North America battling to harness and commercialise this technology.
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Nuclear Fusion – Clean Energy Forever and for all


It’s an awe-inspiring concept and is considered the holy grail of physics. The US has been investing some $700 million a year since the 1950s and is a global leader in this mission. To date, research funding has sat largely in the hands of public research bodies. However, the US Department of Energy has recently announced a $50 million pot of funding to bring for-profit companies to that table. This will further accelerate realising the ambition of clean energy forever, and for all.

Any visionary goal needs talent and the latest LinkedIn data suggests there are some 4k professionals across North America battling to harness and commercialise this technology.

In 2022, Boston has seen a 78% headcount increase in the fusion sector. Making it the largest talent pool of candidates and the hardest location to secure talent against the competition.

Here are the top 5 hidden gem locations where hiring demand is not as competitive


Top 5 North American hidden gems for Nuclear Fusion talent

(LinkedIn, November 2022)


1) Vancouver

Our number one hidden gem, with 140+ professionals and relatively few job posts. Home to General Fusion, founded in 2002 and one of the earliest private companies in this sector. They recently announced a partnership with the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) to harness its extensive neutron modelling software and expertise.


2) Los Angeles

Has one of the largest specialist talent pools in this sector with 180+ professionals. However, there are more job openings in this location hence the number 2 spot. This is likely a result of another commercial giant TAE Technologies, who are playing a cameo role in a new Tom Hanks starred Apple TV film alongside making breakthrough clean energy solutions.


3) Seattle

An exciting hub of start-ups in this region including Zap Energy, Helion Energy and Avalanche Energy makes this a hot location to watch. The latter of these 3 companies have received US government funds via the Defence Innovation Fund. Their mission to turn fusion technology into a high-efficiency propulsion system aboard a prototype satellite by 2027. It’s perhaps no surprise that there has been a 90%+ increase in talent here already in 2022.


4) San Diego

Already has a large workforce thanks to General Atomics large Energy Group division being based here. GA recently announced a new concept Fusion Pilot Plant (FPP). Since 1986, GA have operated the US Department for Energy DII-D National Fusion Facility in San Diego. With a relatively stable headcount here this represents a potential hidden gem for talent.


5) San Francisco

Earlier this year 40+ projects from around the US descended on San Francisco to attend the ARPA-E Fusion Annual Meeting. Albeit from a small base in this sector, there has been strong growth in 2022 of 56% to around 40 talents. That’s why this location also makes it onto our hidden gem list.


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