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Fusion Cluster Talent and Skills Report

Co-written by Bond - The Fusion Cluster launched a first-of-its-kind report...
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The Fusion Cluster has launched a first-of-a-kind report that sheds light on the key challenges the fusion energy industry faces as it seeks to expand its workforce in existing areas and augment it with new skills.

Titled “Growing the fusion workforce: challenges and opportunities for the future”, the study serves as a pivotal conversation starter needed to catalyse the transition of fusion as it moves from research to the delivery
of commercial power plants.

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Challenges & Opportunities in growing the fusion workforce


Fusion energy companies, suppliers, recruiters, and training providers within the Fusion Cluster in the UK reviewed the current skills landscape with the aim of developing the workforce to deliver fusion energy to the world.

The findings will help realise the UK government’s plan to invest £56 million in a fusion
skills programme.

Key findings:

▪ The fusion workforce requirements are linked to the technological progress and
investment; making it difficult to predict future roles

▪ Shifting the focus to skills rather than job roles will allow fusion to draw from a wider
range of potential recruits in other sectors

▪ Apprenticeship programmes are crucial for ushering in a new generation of people
into fusion but must be timed to ensure sufficient work.


“Delivering fusion energy will require expertise from a wide range of people and industries. This workforce report sets out some of the issues the fusion sector needs to consider to realise its ambitions to provide the sustainable power the world needs. While we don’t have all the answers yet, it starts the right conversations we need to have”


Valerie Jameson

Development Manager @ Fusion Cluster

Bond Summer Summit 2023 -068

“Fusion is rapidly approaching an inflection point. Private fusion companies are setting out clear roadmaps and timelines for commercialisation. The UK is well poised to cement its position as a global hub for fusion skills and research. This report looks at the factors we will need to consider to protect and nurture the world-class fusion skills and talent to ensure the UK remains competitive in a rapidly evolving global context.”


Ben Rutter

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Bond

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Tokamak Energy

“We work with Bond as our embedded partner on all our resourcing (and we’ve had a lot of resourcing!) and they are doing a super job. I’ve been really impressed as they go way beyond just the sourcing of candidates into an end-to-end resourcing solution, and also act very much in an advisory capacity”


Jane Shannon



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Co-Founders of Type One Energy were involved in landmark stellerator experiments. The path to a commercial, grid-ready power plant looks promising given the unique attributes of this type of fusion power creation.

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