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Bringing star power down to earth

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Bringing star power down to earth.


Type One Energy are a world leader in commercialising a fusion reactor capable of abundant, grid ready energy. Co-founders of the Type One team have already demonstrated the promise of stellerators with real-world applications of theory in the HSX (University of Wisconsin–Madison) and W7-X machines (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics).

Having been awarded a grant from the US Department for Energy and seed round of $29M lead by Breakthrough Energy Ventures in 2023 they needed a partner to help them scale to 100+ heads by the end of 2024, targeting Series A funding in 2025.

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to partner with an organisation on a mission to change the way the world generates energy – At Bond we are always up for the challenge!


About working with Type One Energy


At Bond, we are passionate about clever engineering and align ourselves with partners who are helping un-f*ck our planet.

After all, there is no planet B!

Co-Founders of Type One Energy were involved in landmark stellerator experiments. The path to a commercial, grid-ready power plant looks promising given the unique attributes of this type of fusion power creation.

Helically Symmetric eXperiment (HSX) is an optimized stellarator operated by the College of Engineering at UW-Madison. It uses 48 magnetic 3D shaped coils to confine a high-temperature plasma discharge. It was designed to confine high temperatures plasma with temperatures higher than 10 Million degree C.

Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) reactor is the world’s largest stellarator device to date. It has been pivotal in establishing how to fuse at temperatures hot enough, with particles close enough, and for long enough. Having achieved temperatures of 40 million degrees C in experiments, the goal is longer confinement, for up to 30 minutes of continuous plasma discharge.


Saving $351k and making an impact:


When you need to find Magnet Engineers, Computational Physicists and Mechanical Design Enigneers in a rapid scale up environment it’s clear a traditional talent strategy may not be fit for purpose.

Our CleanTech practice has been working with partners in the Fusion sector since 2020. We have supported the scale journeys of Tokamak Energy (UK) , Renaissance Fusion (Europe) and we’ve placed 170+ staff to date in this sector.

That experience has helped us scale the T1E team fast, finding some of the most niche skill sets on the planet:

  • 21 offers so far – 17 hires
  • 81% acceptance ratio
  • Average TTO is 16 days
  • Average TTH is 30 days


We have saved T1E $351k already Vs working with old-school recruitment agency partner models.


Changing the status quo:


Diversity is as important to T1E as it is to Bond. A 2019, the American Physical Society (APS) conducted a survey of its
members who work in fusion research and found only 19% of workers were female.

Our creative sourcing and head hunting techniques have outperformed against this.


  • Reachouts to date = 66% male / 33% female
  • Offers to date = 70% male / 30% female


Trusted partner:


T1E asked Bond to represent the company at a series of graduate fairs. Our embedded talent partners are seen as an integral part of their in-house talent function.

The 2 week road-trip accross North America will see us inspire the next generation of women and men to choose Fusion and T1E as a destination employer:

  • Madison Wisconsin
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Knoxsville, Tennessee
  • Vancouver, British Columbia


Project work undertaken:


At Bond we pride ourselves on leaving our “print” on the internal talent teams and functions of the partners we work with. In rapid scale up mode it’s important to build better capability for the future on top of satisfying the immediate hiring demands.


Bond have lead on and collaborated with internal business functions to:

  • Implement their first ATS system
  • Build out a dedicated careers website to attract the best global talent to T1E
  • Embed LinkedIn recruiter within the people team
  • Train hiring managers on the tools and head hunting tactics
  • Devise relocation packages and visa’s for UK and Indian talent being brought over to Vancouver

We’re part of the Fusion Cluster and have been commissioned by the UK Gov to write papers on Fusion.