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BondBook: Quantum Computing Edition

Our complete guide to the talent market and trends in Quantum Computing. TL;DR - overcoming immature EVP and DE&I efforts is what's needed to empower society with unchartered computational horsepower.
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Why is this for me?


Bond help future technologies become a reality in sectors like Quantum, Fusion Energy, and Blockchain.

Our DeepTech practice has partnered with some of the worlds coolest and fastest-growing companies. This includes teams at Tokamak Energy, Renaissance Fusion, Copper, and Hedera team founded Swirlds Labs.

Our global embedded talent consultancy model has given them that competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent within this niche ecosystem, fast.

Our world-leading experience in Fusion means we understand physics and superconducting environments very well.

If you are looking to hire qubit researchers or machine learning scientists then this complete guide will provide you with:



BondBook: Quantum Edition


  1. Where to find top talent locations and the hidden gem locations
  2. What do you need to pay to attract and retain niche skills and what do world class benefits look like?
  3. How do we get more women into quantum, how do we make quantum inclusive and an industry for all?
  4. Top EVP tips and whose killing it with their Employer Brand
  5. Where is the Venture Capitalist money flowing from?
  6. The emerging talent trends you need to be aware of


Tokamak Energy


“We work with Bond as our embedded partner on all our resourcing (and we’ve had a lot of resourcing!) and they are doing a super job. I’ve been really impressed as they go way beyond just the sourcing of candidates into an end-to-end resourcing solution, and also act very much in an advisory capacity”


Jane Shannon


We’re a world leader in Fusion and understand physics and superconducting environments very well.