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The Future is Fusion.


Our brief was to design a Global Total Talent Solution to implement across permanent, temporary and contract hires. Bond Talent Partners then support all business units from Engineering & Physics to Project Management & IT bringing domain expert knowledge to help the managers achieve their hiring goals.

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to partner with an organisation on a mission to change the way the world generates energy – forever. Fusion Power has been the nemesis of Scientists for over 50 years and we are excited to play our part in this mission to generate clean energy by the 2030s.


About working with Tokamak Energy


At Bond, we are passionate about clever engineering and align ourselves with partners who are helping un-f*ck our planet.

After all, there is no planet B!

In early 2022 Tokamak Energy demonstrated a world-first by reaching a plasma temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius in their ST40 spherical tokamak, the threshold required for commercial fusion energy.

That is 6.7 times hotter than the centre of the sun!

ST80-HTS, with build completion planned in 2026, will be the world’s first high field spherical tokamak to demonstrate the full potential of high temperature superconducting magnets.

ST80-HTS will also demonstrate multiple advanced technologies required for fusion energy and inform the design of TEs fusion pilot plant, ST-E1. This in turn will demonstrate the capability to deliver electricity into the grid in the early 2030s, producing up to 200 MW of net electrical power


Bond Talent Partners are the longest serving members of the People and HR team:


When you need to find Neutral Beam Physicists, Cryogenics Systems Engineers and Plasma Physicists in a rapid scale up environment it’s clear a traditional talent strategy may not be fit for purpose. To date we have seen Tokamak Energy grow from a team of 70 to a team of 277.



Year 1 – Foundations:


Re-building the HR and Talent function collaboratively from scratch:

  • HR/Talent process re-design for scale
  • Implementation of data in all decision making
  • International hiring strategy
  • Hiring Manager training and workshops
  • Talent User Research. (Hiring Managers, New Starters, Candidate Rejections)


The result:

  • 85 hires
  • 97% retention rate
  • 38% Cost Saving


Year 2 – Growth:


Finding the sharpest minds in the world is a challenge we relish. Achieved through paired sourcing sessions with existing team,  ultra specialism design and integration search terms and wading through Tritium papers / academic research.

Leading to mission critical hires:

  • Chief Engineer for the next reactor (4 or 5 people in the World with the requisite experience)
  • Head of Reactor Fuel Systems (4 people in the world) building out the team with him
  • Team of 7 plasma physicists grown to a team of 30


Year 3 – Trust & Deliver:


During year 3 there was a clear and simple plan, complete the demand plan, meaning a very delivery focused year. We built a solid relationship with TE and they trusted us to handle the entire recruitment process. This freed up their internal teams to focus on the real prize: building a Fusion reactor!


Year 4 – Building a US Fusion Powerhouse:


In year 4, after being accepted on the Department of Energy Milestone Based Fusion Development Program TE needed a powerhouse US team on the East Coast. Bond were tasked with building the US C-suite from the ground up, landing an impressive 3 offers in 51 days with 100% diverse outcomes across 3x hires.


Hired Fusion expertise skills in:

  • Plasma Physics
  • Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics Engineers & Technicians
  • Business / Market Development Analysts
  • Controls
  • Simulation & Modelling
  • Power systems / supplies engineers
  • RF Engineering / Physics
  • Vacuum / Cryogenic / Superconducting Engineers/Physicist
  • Plasma Facing Components (CFD/thermodynamics/lithium systems/MHD)
  • Radiation / Neutronics Engineerings/Physicists
  • Business Ops functions – Procurement/Legal/Commercial/Admin/HR/Comms/IT
  • C-Suite / Exec Leadership


Key hires to build the Fusion of tomorrow:

  • President, VP & Technical PM for US expansion.
  • Company Chief Engineer
  • Heads of new functions (Neutronics, Power Gen, Materials & Fuel Cycle)
  • Head of Operations for newly launched Magnets Business Unit


Trusted partner:


TE asked Bond to represent the company at the University of York / White Rose Industrial Physics Academy 2022 Recruitment Fair as we were the ‘logical choice’ internally & externally to bring fusion energy & Tokamak Energy to life for 1100 Physics students, from Bachelors to PhD level.


We have supported other key projects on behalf of TE:

  • National labs based in US, launching operations to benefit from the US tax systems
  • Created links with academic institutions in the UK and across Europe
  • Women in Engineering events


ATS Implementation Project:


Through the ATS implementation, the internal recruitment function and capability is a legacy we will leave behind. 50% of hires now come through ad responses. Supported by their EVP which we helped shape and bring to life.

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“We work with Bond as our embedded partner on all our resourcing (and we’ve had a lot of resourcing!) and they are doing a super job. I’ve been really impressed as they go way beyond just the sourcing of candidates into an end-to-end resourcing solution, and also act very much in an advisory capacity”


Jane Shannon

HR Director

We’re part of the Fusion Cluster and have been commissioned by the UK Gov to write papers on Fusion.