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BondBook: Cell & Gene Therapy

Our complete guide to the talent market and trends in CGT. With some of the brightest biotech minds focused on this field, the future looks hopeful and the challenges surmountable.
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Why is this for me?


Our Biotech leadership has longstanding relationships with scale-ups in Cell & Gene Therapy on the East Coast. Helping their founders get time back to focus on where they can really add value, fundraising and forming the direction of incredible science.

Our global embedded talent consultancy model provides a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent within niche ecosystems, fast.

If you are looking to hire R+D leadership, build out your wet lab, or scale a computational team, then this complete guide will provide you with:


BondBook: Cell & Gene Therapy Edition

  1. Where to find top talent locations and the hidden gem locations
  2. What do you need to pay to attract and retain niche skills and what do world class benefits look like?
  3. How do we make CGT an inclusive industry across both gender and ethnic diversity?
  4. Top EVP tips and whose killing it with their Employer Brand
  5. Where is the Venture Capital money flowing from?
  6. The emerging talent trends you need to be aware of




““We reached out to Bond with a specific opportunity: we needed to increase our UK headcount from 12 to 50 and the clock had started ticking. We could have developed an in-house talent function but this would have required 3-4 months depending on notice periods, using one quarter of our available time. If you’re on a mission and you need results yesterday I would highly recommend Bond.”


Adam Taylor


When only the brightest minds will do