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The power of algae

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Brilliant Planet is unlocking the power of algae on a gigatonne scale!


Their production facility is on the coastal desert of Morocco, however, they will be scaling up the business all over the world. Once all areas are fully developed, they could sequester 2 billion tonnes of CO2/year.

Bond has been on this exciting early-scale journey taking them from a team of 12 to a 45-strong team of Biological, Marine Scientists and Engineers.


Our consultancy model builds capability from scratch:


We have supported them strategically with everything from designing the recruitment process from scratch to their choice of laboratory and office facilities in London.


Securing talent globally within niche ecosystems:

  • Biological Simulation Engineers
  • Marine Biologists
  • Oceanographers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Hydraulic Modelling Engineers


We were BPs first HR function:

  • Setting up the infrastructure for a future HR and Talent team
  • Designing benefits
  • Drawing up employment contracts
  • Designing the standard operating procedure
  • Gained a sponsorship licence to bring in global talent
  • Research on international relocation packages and process


We use our head-hunting capability to land key leadership positions:

  • Director of Engineering
  • VP of Finance
  • Head of Strategy


It’s always about where we can add further value too:

  • Consulted on and created a purpose lead Employer Brand
  • Designed and built out the first Employee Value Proposition
  • Implemented ATS system that will save 3 working days a month through time efficiency savings

About working with Brilliant Planet


At Bond, we are passionate about clever technology and align ourselves with partners who are helping un-fuck our planet. After all, there is no planet B.

Their nature-based system scales down the ocean to use natural seawater, nutrients and CO2. This natural process deacidifies seawater, enhancing local ecosystems.

The process has 1000+ year sequestration capability – a very high standard of carbon storage. That will enable Brilliant Planet to drive down the cost of carbon offsetting to $50 a tonne. That is 10x lower than equivalent high-standard carbon off-setting technologies.

This dynamic will enable households and small businesses to participate in the critical mission to halt the adverse impact of climate change, not just big corporations.

In short game-changing technology.



“We reached out to Bond with a specific opportunity: we needed to increase our UK headcount from 12 to 50 and the clock had started ticking. We could have developed an in-house talent function but this would have required 3-4 months depending on notice periods, using one quarter of our available time. Further, our senior executives had a lot on their plate and needed an “out of the box solution”. Bond was able to step in quickly and start performing from day one. The two embedded talent partners integrated seamlessly into our team and it’s easy to forget that Bond is behind the scenes (in the best possible way!). If you’re on a mission and you need results yesterday I would highly recommend Bond.”


Adam Taylor




“Bond’s attitude to business and to the working environment is the benchmark that needs to be emulated by myself if I am to form a successful embedded finance hub for new businesses. The care that was brought to the business, the engagement with the products and services, that we were trying develop, that you demonstrated started the Brilliant Planet Culture on the right track from the beginning”


Meyrick Evans

VP of Finance


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