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BondBook: AI Edition

Our complete guide to the talent market and trends in AI. While AI isn't new, the job market is exploding with 97 million new jobs by 2025 forecasted, and a 58% increase in jobs requiring AI skills.
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Why is this for me?


Bond help companies focus on building game changing tech.

Our DeepTech practice has partnered with some of the worlds coolest and fastest-growing companies. This includes teams at Envelop Risk, Copper, and Hedera team founded Swirlds Labs.

Our global embedded talent consultancy model has given them that competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent within this niche ecosystems, fast.

If you are looking to hire prompt engineers or machine learning scientists then this complete guide will provide you with:



BondBook: AI Edition


  1. Where to find top talent locations and the hidden gem locations
  2. What do you need to pay to attract and retain niche skills and what do world class benefits look like?
  3. How do we get more women into AI, how do we make AI inclusive and an industry for all?
  4. Top EVP tips and whose killing it with their Employer Brand
  5. Where is the Venture Capital money flowing from?
  6. The emerging talent trends you need to be aware of




“It was clear from the outset and initial presentations that Bond had the knowledge, professionalism, and experience to be the right partner. Their onboarding process was efficient and seamless, the Talent Partners they sourced for us were able to be mobilised quickly, getting to grips with our business, our culture and the calibre of candidates we needed to hire. They were up and running, part of the team, and focused on building talent pipelines in 2-4 weeks. I have no hesitation in recommending Bond as a recruitment partner, whether that’s during a period of high growth or as longer term talent function.”


Maria Cox


Scaling globally fast? We love those sort of challenges.