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BondBook: Aerospace Edition

Our complete guide to the talent market and trends in the aerospace sector. What has the "Elon effect" done for the wider industry? What is the flight path to net zero by 2050?
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Why is this for me?


Our CleanTech practice is deeply embedded within aerospace + the wider CleanTech engineering industries.

We have supported the scale journeys of Collins Aerospace, Vertical Aerospace & Drone Defence to name a few and have taken those learnings in pulling this insight together.

Our global embedded talent consultancy model has given them that competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent within these ecosystems, fast.

If you are looking to grow your project management or systems/mechanical engineering teams this complete guide will provide you with:


BondBook: Aerospace Edition

  1. Where to find top talent locations and the hidden gem locations
  2. What do you need to pay to attract and retain specific skills and what do world class benefits look like?
  3. How do we get more women into aerospace, how do we make it an inclusive industry for all?
  4. Top EVP tips and who is killing it with their Employer Brand
  5. Where is the Venture Capitalist money flowing from?
  6. The emerging talent trends you need to be aware of
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Collins aerospace

With over 70k employees across 300 sites globally, Collins Aerospace has been redefining aerospace for over 100 years.

The in-house HR team had been spanning these sites by working with a combination of an RPO and specialist recruitment agencies. We’re here to get a talent acquisition capability off the runway and remove that reliance on 3rd parties.

We are on a flight path with Collins Aerospace to build out a global talent acquisition function from scratch!

Need to shift the angle of attack from reactive to proactive?