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Building the Tesla’s of the Sky


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Building the Tesla’s of the Sky


We are on a flight path with Collins Aerospace to build out a global talent acquisition function from scratch!

With over 70k employees across 300 sites globally, Collins Aerospace has been redefining aerospace for over 100 years. This includes producing the suit that took Neil Armstrong to the moon and transmitting his “one small step for man” line back to Earth with their communications equipment.

Today their advanced aviation equipment, electrical power generation, distribution and control solutions can be found in over 22,000 aircraft. This spans space exploration, military, commercial aircraft and the planes you fly on holiday in.


The challenge:


Collins Aerospace has grown through the mergers and acquisitions of aerospace engineering companies. This has left a legacy of fragmented silos meaning that activities are duplicated, and ways of working differ from site-to-site.

The in-house HR team had been spanning these sites by working with a combination of an RPO and specialist recruitment agencies. We’re here to get a talent acquisition capability off the runway and remove that reliance on 3rd parties.

The Global VP of HR initially tasked Bond with spearheading a 36% headcount increase across the UK-based Power & Controls site by 2024. Additionally supporting a backlog of 80 vacant legacy roles.


The work to date:


Shifting the angle of attack from reactive to proactive has been game-changing.

We have introduced headhunting and proactive sourcing techniques. These are greatly improving the strike rates of suitable candidates and removed the previous burden for hiring managers of sifting through 100s of CVs.

We are joining the dots between sites and creating a collaborative approach, sharing of best practice, that is importantly leveraging networks outside of Collins Aerospace.


How have we done that:


  • Introducing an end-to-end data-led approach. From market insights, briefings through to mapping out talent pools.
  • Onsite presence and rapidly building relationships across sites, HR teams and networks
  • Creative sourcing and market mapping i.e not just looking at talent already in aerospace (Airbus, GE, Boeing)
  • Pro-active candidate outreach and selling the business to talent with the right transferable skills
  • Creating and socialising comprehensive salary and competitor benchmarking insights
  • Providing clarity and transparency through standardising HR process
  • Consulting on additional business activities, such as DE&I forums, best practices and recruitment process
  • Improving candidate experience through admin support for ATS systems


It’s all about where we can add extra value:

  • Creating and implementing design-thinking sessions on site
  • Delivering an early carers workshop with placement students who were on site – CV guidance, test interviews, LinkedIn profile advice
  • Sitting in and observing interviews to provide feedback on how the process can be improved
  • Re-writing job descriptions moving from list of requirements to a candidate focused advert i.e tying in EVP


The proof of success for the Global VP of HR has been to hear no complaints from the engineering hiring manager team since the change of tactics.

As a result Bond have been asked to take on responsibility for technical and business function hiring across 3 other business areas.

CAS – Connected aviation 

Products that support comms between air and ground, guidance systems, nav systems, air traffic control, and airport security.


AIS – Aviation and Inertial Systems

Movement and and guidance systems for drones and missiles, including the automated control of missiles to targets.



A complex business unit with made up of 58 entities. We are bringing together the various nuanced contractual setups to streamline and centralise the process. It was acquired by RTX in 2018, and now operates as part of Collins Aerospace.


Our voyage together continues.

Need to shift the angle of attack from reactive to proactive?