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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Top 5 European Countries

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Market Insights (UK & Europe)
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Top 5 Locations (Countries)


1) United Kingdom

Top 3 Employers: Imperial College London, Amazon, University College London


AI in the UK is increasing vastly, as the UK is ranked third in the world for its research and innovation in AI  Around 15% of all businesses in the UK have adopted at least one AI technology. This translates to around 432,000 companies.

These businesses spent a combined £16.7 billion on AI technologies which is set to rise to £35.6 million by 2025. Moreover, the newly launched AI Standards Hub is part of the UK’s National AI Strategy, a 10-year framework that recognises the power of AI to drive growth and innovation in the private and public sectors.

The strategy demonstrates the UK government’s commitment to consolidating the country’s position as a leader in this field for the next decade by investing in the AI ecosystem, governing AI effectively and ensuring that AI benefits all sectors and religions


2) Germany

Top 3 Employers: Bosch, SAP, Siemens


The impact of A.I is so vast that PwC research has predicted that this technology will boost Germany’s GDP by 11.3% which will generate a revenue of €430 billion by 2030.

Therefore, Germany is a leading nation in terms of A.I. and machine learning, becoming Europe’s largest economy with a thriving A.I. market that influences industries like healthcare and energy. Germany is home to Cyber Valley.

Cyber Valley has quickly become one of Europe’s largest research collaborations to advance breakthroughs in AI, attracting not only scholars from some of the top research institutions in the world, including the University of California Berkeley, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, and Columbia University, but also some of the world’s most influential corporations.



3) France

Top 3 Employers: Capgemini, Inria, Time for the Planet


The French president, Emmanuel Macron, announced in March 2018 his ambition for France to become a global leader of the artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem.

The first phase of the National Programme included an initial investment of €1.5 billion into the creation of a network of interdisciplinary institutes dedicated to artificial intelligence (the 3IA Institute) and the financing of multiple AI projects overseen by Bpifrance.

The second phase will provide for €2 billion of private and public funding to attract and train new talent. More than half of this financial effort will be allocated to implement a network of global academic centres of excellence and a massive plan for AI within universities.

The goal is to promote future French and European AI champions and improve the competitiveness of existing companies. The measures envisioned by 2025 are:

  • Investment in new generation on-board (i.e. embedded) AI systemsand platforms for software development, including open-source, (€1.22 billion);
  • Supporting 500 small and medium-sized companies with the introduction of AI solutions (€25 million);
  • Supporting existing business incubators to triple the number of AI-specialised start-ups by 2025  (€40 million); and
  • Launching proof-of-solution technologies for more frugal use of energy in AI in order to attain climate targets (€120 million).



3) Italy

Top 3 Employers: Accenture, Politecnico di Milano, Amazon


In Italy, the AI market grew by +27% in 2021 (380 million euros), doubling its value in just two years. There is a growing number of start-ups with AI skills and 53% of medium-large Italian companies claim to have started at least one AI project, mainly involving the manufacturing, banking-finance and insurance sectors.

In November 2021 the Italian government put together the Strategic Program on Artificial Intelligence 2022-2024.

The strategic programme indicates:

  • 6 objectives: The goals of the Italian strategy
  • 11 priority sectors: where Italy intends to focus investments
  • 3 areas of intervention: how the country aims to achieve the stated objectives


More info can be found here on the strategy.



5) Spain

Top 3 Employers: Accenture, Amazon, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Spain has taken the first steps to establish Europe’s first supervisory authority in 2022 with competencies to monitor and reduce the risks associated with artificial intelligence technologies. Spending on AI in Spain is expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2025.

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