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technical hires accross 4 timezones

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better submission to interview ratio

(from 27% to 59%)

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per week saved for hiring managers

  • Europe
  • US
  • South Korea
  • Australia


From the team that founded and built out Hedera


Swirlds Labs provides development and support for the Hedera network. Swirlds Labs’ ‘moonshot’ projects will change the way humans and organizations have privacy, security, and trust in cyberspace.

Given that Swirlds Labs typically hire talent from the top 1% in software engineering, the challenge they positioned was; ‘Can Bond source and attract the worlds top talent in software engineering and find us developer advocates that have experience in DLT, Blockchain, Smart contracts and solidity across the US, APAC and Europe?’


Our impact to date:


  • Hiring talent in DLT, blockchain, smart contracts & solidity across 4 x different timezones
  • 20 x Technical hires across the US, S.Korea, Australia and Europe
  • Increase in submission to interview ratio from 27% to 59%
  • 6hrs per week saved for hiring managers in screening out low quality candidates


The Challenge:


Swirlds Labs were facing a major challenge in their hiring process. With a high volume of niche requirements and an over reliance on agencies, their internal recruitment manager and HR team were stretched thin. This lead to a backlog of candidates who hadn’t been contacted for long periods of time, and a high number of unqualified or unsuitable candidates taking up time in the interview process. The high agency spend and the need for further headcount made it difficult to lower costs and maintain a high quality of delivery.


The solution:


We had a big task ahead of us at Bond – redesigning our hiring process to make sure candidate experience was a top priority. We wanted to make sure we could technically assess candidates from all over the world, and also increase the volume of candidates moving through the process to reduce time to hire and offer.

The second part, was doing what we do best, calibrating on what good looks like to then build niche ecosystems where the availability of talent is incredibly low. Everyone in the blockchain space wants to hire great developer advocates, it was our mission to find the world’s best and position Swirlds Labs as the employer of choice over and above the other layer 1 protocols.

Fast forward a year, we have collaboratively built an efficient process that allows us to hire great talent anywhere in the world.


Our key project work and impact:


  • We also used data to drive change and efficiencies
  • Implemented recruitment marketing channels like Discord and Twitter to drive inbound applications
  • 100% of surveyed candidates said they had a positive interview experience
  • We also run regular paired sourcing sessions with hiring managers and manage social media channels for hiring on Discord and Twitter
  • We have re-designed the agency management process that ensures our partners are engaged and kept up to date







“I’ve gained an appreciation for the expertise and foresight Bond brings to the recruitment process.

I’ve been grateful for the continued support the Bond team has provided in both sourcing candidates and filtering applicants. The Bond team also brings useful perception of the overall hiring process to increase the chances of finding great new hires. Bond has definitely made my job as a hiring manager easier.”


Nana, Software engineer

Swirlds Labs

Finding the top 1% in software engineering. We love those challenges.