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Cryptocurrency. The 8th wonder of the world


Months ATS Fully implemented


new tech hub launched


business functions supported

  • Luxembourg
  • UK
  • USA
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia


Cryptocurrency. The 8th wonder of the world


Bitstamp has been at the forefront of the crypto industry, not only driving innovation but also acting as a trusted CEX to their customers making them the longest running crypto exchange.

To help them continue this journey of bringing financial empowerment to the masses, Bond partnered with Bitstamp to focus on strategic leadership hiring across the business along with re-designing their recruitment processes and implementing a new ATS globally.


The Challenge:


Historically the team was reliant on direct applications and agencies for hiring. This had successfully got them to a powerful team of 300 however in order to hire strategic leaders across a number of different locations globally, a headhunting approach was required. They were also using an outdated ATS that didn’t quite have the functionality needed and therefore the global implementation of ATS workable was required.

Bitstamp chose Bond to be their flexible partner to consult on the ATS implementation ensuring candidate experience was considered at all stages of the recruitment journey but also to take lead on putting the incredible value proposition at the forefront of all recruitment marketing.


The solution:


Candidate attraction and experience was at the centre of our multifaceted approach.

This began with transitioning from an outdated ATS to a customized platform (Workable) which required redesigning recruitment processes and content creation whilst ensuring all communication was standardized, consistent and engaging. This had to be applicable for all roles and across all business functions and locations.

We built a roadmap to be able to deliver various training sessions (creative sourcing techniques, utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter to its full potential, recruitment best practice etc) alongside creating documentation (guides, templates) to equip the internal team with the knowledge and tools to allow them to be self-sufficient for long term success. In parallel, we worked with the leadership team to provide in-depth market research on locations for a new tech hub and salary benchmarking data across Europe.

To support Bitstamp’s organic growth strategy, we focused on strategic hires within the Product and Engineering teams. These key hires were to solidify their purpose by reviewing and enhancing their product portfolio allowing more institutional clients, as well as professionals (i.e. traders), to access and benefit from a new world of finance in a secure way.


The result:


  • 3 x months to implement ATS
  • 1 x new tech hub launched
  • Hires across 4 x different business functions



“Thank you so much for all your good work, help and your kindness. It has been exceptional experience working with Bond. We’ve accomplished a lot together and I appreciate all that you did for us, Bitstamp and our candidates.”


Barbara Muc

head of talent acquisition

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