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The Atmosphere, Restored


million tonnes of CO2 elimination potential


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The Atmosphere, Restored


Origen are on a mission to scale up the production of zero-carbon lime. Origen’s ZerCaL™ technology enables a pathway to suck over a trillion tonnes of CO2 emissions directly from the atmosphere. Of course, they need to scale up the team too, which is where Bond has stepped in.

Our consultancy model in an engineering start-up has laid the foundations for growth. Heads of R&D and Engineering with a very specific technical background and the ability to inspire others are hard to come by. Using our headhunting capability, we have sourced the pillar hires for Origen. Cultural fit is imperative for Origen at this stage. We have created the standard operating procedure, and process to hire the next wave into 2023.


The challenge:


As with any successful CleanTech scale-up, there is a crazy cool idea, a pilot, success and then the funding to go bigger. What’s next? Are the people in the team today the right ones for the journey ahead? Staring at a blank whiteboard without the benefit of experience in building out an in-house HR, People and Talent function. That can be daunting.



The solution:

We have supported Origen to build a business around their game-changing technology with a fully embedded talent partner team. Covering the end-to-end strategy and process across engineering, commercial and operational functions.

We have connected the Origen senior leadership team to our extensive CleanTech partner network. Supporting learning from other companies on where to go next post-series funding. Helping Origen get it right, first time.

Finding the best of the best isn’t easy and creative sourcing techniques are what sets us apart. For example, we sourced a critical pillar hire via a patent, on a linked but very niche technology. Having found the right person we navigated setting up a legal entity in that European country, to ensure the role would work for them too.


Our project work includes:

  • Business function partnering and strategic planning through restructure
  • Talent market mapping across Europe
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Resource / demand planning
  • Re-design of end-to-end hiring process
  • Building of a careers site to support their Employer brand
  • Standardising job descriptions
  • Implementation of an ATS system
  • Training hiring managers and leaving a legacy of best technical recruitment best practice

About working with Origen


At Bond, we are passionate about clever engineering and align ourselves with partners who are helping un-fuck our planet. After all, there is no planet B.

Lime is a wonder material that naturally removes CO2 from the atmosphere. It is used in cement and blocks to build offices, factories, and homes. It’s used to produce steel that forms bridges and skyscrapers.

But there is a problem. You cannot produce lime using traditional manufacturing techniques without creating CO2.

Origen’s new patented ZerCaL™ process method separates the CO2 from lime during manufacturing. Not only can this zero-carbon lime be used today, but it can also be used to remove the CO2 released into the atmosphere yesterday – propelling us closer to a carbon-neutral tomorrow.

World leading carbon capture, storage and utilisation talent knowledge.