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Assembling the A team across the Americas

$ 0 k

saved Vs using 3rd party


senior leaders
(av. salary $166,000)


Days av. time to hire

(3 stage interview)

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Carribean


Launching an “uncompromising” 4X4 in the America’s


Bond was tasked with building their Go To Market (GTM) team for the Americas quickly, efficiently and at first confidentially. This would be the head office for the Americas market supporting sales across USA, Mexico, Brazil, and the Caribbean.

It’s not every day you get the chance to be fully embedded with a brand-new automotive OEM, helping to create an “uncompromising” 4×4 off-roader; backed by one of the largest organisations in the world, INEOS.

The project is the brainchild of INEOS Chairman, Jim Ratcliffe, who was a fan of the original Land Rover Defender. When it ceased production, he saw a gap in the market for an uncompromising off-roader that stood for adventure and active driving, but retained its capability to be a work and utility machine. The Grenadier was born…



Our consultancy model:


  • Built case studies from competitor information for salaries and benefits
  • Created heat maps of where the talent is based in the North Carolina area
  • Nailed direct search techniques to fill difficult hire vacancies
  • Pushed out the INEOS Automotive brand through social media to create awareness of the brand within the automotive market in the USA
  • Liaised with candidates within our extensive network for referrals
  • Hiring talent remotely from the UK


Building out the senior leadership team:


Directors of; Network Development, Customer Experience, Finance, Network Development, Aftersales, Programs and Business Development, PR and Marketing, Sales and Fleet Management, Planning and Logistics


Project Data:


  • Saved INEOS Automotive over $500,000 dollars across this project Vs working with HR Manager
  • Average Time to hire 94 days (including 3 stage interview process and 2-week turnaround on offers) – Salary ranges – $69,000 – $205,000 Per annum. (Avg salary $166,000 per annum)
  • Lead the hiring for 13 key hires (9 of these being director positions across a 12-month period)
Cost saving
$ 0 k

Vs working with HR Manager

Building an SLT

Roles Av. $166,000 salary

0 days

time to hire




“I was always sceptical about using embedded talent services when you have an established Recruitment team, thinking there could be a cultural clash or lack of control. Bond have really proven us wrong!

Bond Talent Partners work alongside our in-house strong, established recruitment team; they are part of us, fully immersed in our culture and brand. Bond supports our team with building pipelines, headhunting key and complex positions and they extend our network of contacts, including in those markets we are new in.

As a growing organization we have a big focus on process establishment and employer branding, so having another pair of eyes (and brains!) is helping us to ensure we keep objective and aligned with the reality of the market. Also, we are growing so fast, when we have a recruiter down, Rob and his team do their usual magic to ensure our operations don’t suffer!”


People Manager

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