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From stealth mode to storming the performance EV market

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Forseven – From stealth mode to storming the performance EV market


Forseven, with a vision to “reimagine the way we manufacture, own and connect with EVs” are in stealth mode. They are building a high-performance EV in a way that has never been done before. Their EV ownership model will differentiate the final product from all other performance vehicles in the market. We’re delighted to be a trusted partner for that journey.

Bond were initially brought in to create foundational TA capability within their in-house team. That included implementing an ATS system and training hiring teams on process for scale and commercialisation people strategy. This quickly evolved into a hiring sprint to help them better tell their story, building out their marketing and comms team.

Next, building a pan-European GTM team is where we are driving together…


Building the Forseven in-house capability for the future:


Bond were brought in initially to roll out a new ATS and to put in processes that would enable the in house team to hire at scale in future.

The process had been a network of emails and spreadsheets. Some inefficiency, a lack of visibility and inconsistency of candidate experience the problem statements. As is often the case in the early days of a start-up.

The roll out of the first ATS was a prime opportunity to train hiring managers not only on the system itself but the supporting ways of working.

– Provide visibility of the hiring process and timescales to create the opportunity to evolve and improve
– Hiring team able to operate more efficiently
– Embedding a consistent recruitment process and therefore candidate journey


We have since built out their storytelling and creative team including 4 crucial Heads of roles + their supporting teams. This alongside some key procurement roles as they gear up for taking the product to market.

– 13 hires with an av. salary of £72,500 in 4 months would be expensive using traditional old school recruitment agency models

– With no dedicated TA function, yet, working with an agency would have been one of the only viable options

– Our flexible subscription model has driven a 70% cost saving, which for any start up helps extend the funding runway


Our next mission is to help Forseven move out of stealth mode and into growth mode by shaping their GTM team and sales engine all across Europe.

Evolving your talent function whilst you hire? We love those challenges.