At Bond we also have a heritage of supporting the scaleups of tomorrow and brands many people won’t have heard of... yet. Whether it's helping build clean energy sources through the power of Fusion or creating AI/ML software to prevent terrorism – we LOVE taking on the biggest talent challenges globally and helping our partners scale!

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Our senior team
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Aston Martin &
INEOS to Spotify
& Tik Tok.


1.Talent Review.

Using our ‘5 stage talent theory’ we conduct a full audit of your current talent environment and review the hiring goals for the future. This information allows us to reverse engineer the project ahead using data to build a talent program that is designed for success.

2.Embedded Team.

We build a bespoke team of Talent Partners for the project who will have specialist expertise and bring on demand capability. Our Talent Partners are fully embedded into your culture and team either onsite or remotely. Our Teams can either stand alone as your in-house talent function or embed into your existing team to help power the function.

Crucially our Talent Partners are not incentivised through commission so there is no conflict of interest. Therefore, they can always make decisions based solely on what's right for the business they are embedded with.

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Data underpins all of our decision making at Bond and we have built advanced inhouse reporting and analytics capability. All our Talent Partners are trained in how to implement data driven decision making into every project we deliver.

4.Consultancy & Projects.

“The power of many is always stronger than the power of one” - collaboration underpins our culture at Bond and this means we have the ability to utilise the knowledge of our whole network of Talent Partners & Talent Directors.

This allows us to consult and deliver projects included in the solution based on best practice and deep insight in areas such as:

  • Process redesign for scale
  • D&I
  • Early career & graduate program design
  • Talent UX
  • Data, insight & analytics
  • Hiring Committees
  • HM training & workshops
  • Interntaional search and new location research
  • IR35 consultancy
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5.Cost Saving.

This is where it gets really interesting. Not only do you get all the above from an embedded solution, but they can also drive a 50% cost saving vs traditional hiring methods.

We operate a flexible commercial model designed around what suits your needs. However, all solutions are designed to deliver maximum flexibility and keep your fixed overheads to a minimum.

We also have advanced In-house expertise at Bond HQ to cover the full contract, direct payroll and IR35 compliance lifecycle to create a comprehensive Total Talent Solution.

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