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Saving the planet, one parcel delivery at a time


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Saving the planet, one parcel delivery at a time!


First Hydrogen is a start-up building the next generation of zero-emission white vans. Harnessing advanced Hydrogen fuel cell technology and fusing it with best-in-class vehicle engineering.  The reliability, ownership and servicing costs of First Hydrogen’s utility van will be second to none.


All about relationships and delivery


When a new Chief People Officer was pouring over the task in front of them, day 3, the obvious call was to bring in Bond again. Our consultancy model, relationship-building strength and experience with a number of ambitious vehicle engineering / go-to-market projects, were the perfect mix.

Always nice to be the first choice consultancy partner for an ex-TESLA senior leader. With large orders on the horizon, we were brought in to build out the foundational HR, People and Talent capability. Doing so at “building the van as we’re driving it pace”.

We were tasked with sourcing the best of the best across Europe. Using our network to source the pillar hires of Manufacturing Director, Vehicle Development Engineer and build out unrivalled engineering capability with Head’s of Chassis, Bodywork and Powertrain.

We used our network again to turn around a relocation package, with benchmarking, for the CFO to move to Milan within 48 hours.


Foundation projects completed to date:

  • Defining job descriptions and specifications for building out team
  • Embedding an ATS system
  • Creating a market map of Europe (Automotive Engineering/ Manufacturing sites)
  • Salary Benchmarking across Europe
  • Introduced emotional intelligence testing
  • Organised visa sponsorship setup



Having worked with Bond before in my previous company, I knew it would be a ‘no brainer’ to bring them onboard and join our team using their embedded talent solution. Bond seamlessly integrated with our culture and values, and has helped us to build pipelines, headhunt for critical positions, as well as additional ‘Project’ work outside of the recruitment ‘norm’.

Being a start-up business and having no ‘in-house’ recruitment team, Bond has been able to bridge the gap using their expertise as a team to cover not only our recruitment needs but also ATS selection & Implementation, Market Insights and trends etc. Leveraging their knowledge as a business puts them in a position to be the perfect solution for a start-up organisation needing both ‘in-house’ and external support.

Bond have provided a flexible solution for when things have ramped up or slowed down without a dip service and have continued to work closely with the team on implementing future processes to streamline our needs.


Luisa Ferres Meyer

chief people officer

Engineering innovation from the ground up? We love those sort of challenges.