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ChargePoint are leading the way for electric vehicles!


Over the last few years, EV (electric vehicle) has been one of the significant global trends. With over 20% of all new car registrations now electric and with new Diesel/Petrol cars to be banned from 2030 this trend is only set to rise. However, the infrastructure to support EV needs to be built now and that’s where ChargePoint comes in.

Since 2007, ChargePoint have focused solely on offering the best electric vehicle charging experience to support the shift to electric Mobility. Since then, the business is leading the charge with over 145 million charges delivered and 900,000 tonnes of greenhouse emissions avoided!

To deliver the future of EV, ChargePoint was looking to build its European infrastructure across Technology and Sales functions. With their talent teams centred in the US, ChargePoint needed a partner with an understanding of the European market and someone that could help scale and acquire senior talent.

In stepped Bond.


Scaling up in Europe


Bond started working with the ChargePoint team in March 2022 to turbocharge their growth journey. The goal was to support the European talent team with delivery, process, and strategy.

First things first… the Bond team mapped out all the roles the business was looking to fill. This included a number of niche legacy roles, embedded software positions, and a number of business-critical director-level roles. To tackle this effectively, the team pulled a new recruitment strategy together for the business to approach the European Market to increase the international offer success rate.

Some of the projects that Bond worked on delivering:

  • Insights and Market Mapping of the European Market
  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Matching persona and technical experience
  • Screening and candidate assessment process
  • Headhunting critical director-level roles


Following a number of new processes and controls, the team experienced an increase in the number of candidates coming through the pipeline.

Bond significantly improved the efficiency of the hiring process with an average 38-day time to hire pace, which resulted in increasing European headcount by 95 across 13 European countries. The team also delivered the first hires within the Nordic regions.

ChargePoint; seen Bond as a trusted partner to advise on recruitment across Europe. When discussing contracts, understanding the market, and advising changes on key areas; Bond is involved in the process. The talent pool is also now managed by Bond to keep future hires engaged.


The results

  • To date, we have saved Chargepoint over £736k hiring 95 critical roles across 10 departments and 13 European countries.
  • An average 37 days time to hire is the pace that supports them leading the EV infrastructure charge.
  • Average time to offer of 15 days
  • Average time to start 67 days


“I have been working with Bond for just under a year now and I can genuinely say it has been an absolute pleasure. We were in a really tight spot when they joined having lost two recruiters in a short space of time and working 70+ regions between just the 2 of us. They came in and made an immediate difference straight away, filled legacy roles in a short space of time, appeased frustrated Hiring Managers, and dealt with what continues to be a challenging environment in a rapidly growing company. ”


Kate Dutcher

Senior Technical Recruiter



“The time and effort spent is clear to see and is evidenced by the high-quality candidates I’ve been able to move through the interview and hiring process.  My roles require a very distinct and detailed technical knowledge set that’s equally matched with customer-facing people skills, a rare mix to find. I’m certain Bond will continue to impress, and I look forward to working together again as the team expands in the future.”


Ore Oluwatudimu

Manager, Solutions Engineering Europe


Expanding rapidly across Europe? We love those sort of challenges.