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Allianz Partners, supporting a giant


Allianz is an international services provider offering over 126 million customers worldwide products and solutions in insurance and asset management. With around 155,000 employees the business operates across 70 countries and is one of the world’s largest asset managers.

Allianz on average hires 200-250 roles per year; 75% of which are filled by agencies. This was proving costly, and inefficient for the business, and this was something they were looking to change.

Bond started to work with Allianz in June 2022, to support their London office with the recruitment of some head office roles over a 6-month period. Once embedded with the Allianz team, Bond started their 5-stage talent audit, to provide a detailed project plan for the team to action.


12 projects in 6 months:


The talent audit highlighted that alongside hiring, the Bond team could also add value through project work to support future recruitment.

For this to be a success, the team first worked on improving the communication channels for the hiring managers; something which was proving difficult. Bond added a clear structure and process, which improved communication and provided a place to collaborate with the wider HR teams and hiring managers.

Following this, the automated tracking system (ATS) was also reviewed, and although the system had been implemented it was not set up to support high volumes. The Bond team were able to provide some guidance on how to utilise the system including success factors to help attract and hire the most qualified candidates. The system was also set up for competitor analysis which proved useful when benchmarking salaries for roles.

Although the Bond team focused on non-platform, head office roles, they were also able to provide insights reports for Platform roles across the UK and across Southeast London. This provided the Allianz team with useful information for the recruitment of future platform roles to open up the talent pool considerably and also make changes that would reduce the attrition they were seeing in this area.




  • 12 x projects delivered
  • Improved response rate by 54%
  • 3 onsite workshops


To attract the right candidates, LinkedIn was used to proactively source candidates and provide valuable reporting for the team. In the 6-month window, the team improved average response rate improved by 37%. The use of personalised outreach and headhunting tactics also improved the response rate by 54%.

Once through to interview, Bond supported the hiring managers by providing briefing and screening documents and candidate packs. In total, the Bond team provided Allianz with 12 pieces of project work which left their internal teams with processes, systems, and resources in place to support hiring of candidates and retention rates in future.





‘Im going to be in mourning when I don’t have the Bond team anymore, they are such a pleasure to work with’


Ailsa Oxley

Human resources director, UK & ireland

Using our 5-stage talent audit to pinpoint the biggest needle movers.