At Bond we have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint naturally. We have also partnered with Natural Capital Partners to evaluate and certify our footprint. In areas where we can't reduce our carbon footprint we are offsetting our carbon emissions.

Whilst offsetting allows us to be carbon neutral, we believe it is part of a short-term solution to managing our carbon emissions and environmental impact. We plan to go further. We are educating our employees and our partners on zero carbon talent strategies to inspire positive change. We are running internal initiatives to highlight environmental awareness and encourage our team to cut their personal emissions where they can.


Whilst our awareness and understanding of climate change varies, everyone regardless of where they live will have heard about, and possibly experienced, the effects of climate change. David Attenborough recently released his ‘Witness Statement’ which highlights that the ‘destruction of nature will render the planet totally degraded and barren, uninhabitable for millions of people and bringing biodiversity populations crashing’. However, recent calls for action have spurred environmental movements, and a greater stride to prevent further climate change.

Please join us on the journey to become a Carbon Neutral business.